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Milestone History


Milestone Logistics LLC, was formed in 2014 by a group of professionals, who has gathered logistics and engineering professionals that have over ten years of collaboration within other organizations he has led, including engineering and construction, railroad operations and rail terminal and truck logistics services.

Milestone’s founding was preceded by TransConsult SCP and SP3 Sales LLC, respectively our Mexican terminal and consulting company and US marketing company which together provided infrastructure and operations development services in the US on numerous petroleum transportation projects including Propane and Natural gasoline temporary and permanent terminal operations.

TransConsult and our Mexican Trucking company, Mexlogistics, have developed and operate trans-loading facilities in three states in Mexico with major international companies as our clients. We are currently collaborating with the BNSF railway on numerous strategic projects in development.




Provide specialized, innovative, and dependable logistics solutions, that satisfy our customer’s needs in Turn-key Terminal design, engineering, construction and operation in the US and Mexico. Create added value services for the customers supply chain, the company’s associates and employee.




Position ourselves as a leading provider of logistics solutions and services in US and Mexico. Create long term growth, profit and value through continuous improvement.




Integrity: Perform with honesty and reliability in our daily life, and create long lasting relationships with our customers.
Quality: Provide the best service that complies with our customers’ expectations.
Team work: Sum of strengths working together toward a common goal.
Dedication: Commit to achieve our goals and obligations, and satisfy customers’ requirements.
Respect: Work under the legal and cultural framework to build a base for the operation and its success.


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